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Business Consulting Petra Rothe


The consulting office Petra Rothe was founded in the year 2007 due to a multi-year and international experience, gained in different commercial and industrial branches.

The deep knowledge of the various and daily difficulties and “troubles” , which may rise especially in small and medium size companies concerning the commercial relations with the foreign customers and/or suppliers , allows to offer a “ tailor made” service to all those businessmen , who aim to enhance and to simplify the business relationships with the already existing foreign customers and who intend to hook into new international markets, especially in Italy, Germany, Austria and Est Europe.

The perfect knowledge by side of Mrs. Petra Rothe and her partners of the Italian and German language , assures to both parties (customer and supplier) clearness, semplification, time saving and above all an extremely reliability of the services what means reciprocal faith , which is a “must” to establish a long time business relationship.

Over to offer the consulting service we offer the translation of web sites, technical, commercial and artistic / cultural texts, advertising and etc. from English to Italian and German and vice versa as well as the interpreting service.

It absolutely guaranteed a professional translation, seriousness, punctuality and reservation. We collaborate with industries in various industrial sectors, publishers, lawyers, public corporate body, webmaster, etc.
We can offer you the translation of your texts in German or Italian language to a competitive price and we ask you not to hesitate to ask us the estimate.

The consulting enterprise cooperates with high level professionals, specifically qualified and enrolled in the respective professional orders. We will be able to find the appropriate solution for every special need.

The consulting office Petra Rothe is member of the German-Italian Chamber of Commerce.

Mrs. Petra Rothe is enrolled in the official register “Expert in German language”.
Register number 385 dated 02/02/2009 – Chamber of Commerce Alessandria